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Doohmain Software para gestionar pantallas digitales

How to log in to Doohmain?

Start your journey through Doohmain, from any device, welcome!

How do I change my password in Doohmain?

Your safe password in 2 simple steps

How do I upload content in Doohmain?

We make easy for you the content uploading to the platform. All video and image formats are welcomed!

How do I create a new playlist in Doohmain?

Create playlists in your account and get full control and organization of the content on your screens.

How do I schedule my contents with Doohmain?

Don’t worry about keeping track of the start and end date of your ads. Doohmain does it for you!

How do I set a start or expiration date with Doohmain?

Configure your content with date and time to generate a more contextual communication.

How do I activate conditional contents with Doohmain?

Create contextual communication that really converts.

How do I display multiple elements with Doohmain?

No more annoying settings, with just one click you can set when a creative goes out per lap, all laps, etc.

How do I check scheduled content with Doohmain?

Forget about having to keep track of whether a content was activated at the time it was scheduled.