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New Features

With the launch of our latest software update release we share the new features that make us even more the most powerful software on the market:

  • New platforms: to the already used Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, WebOs and Windows; Raspberry pi 4, Windows 64 bits (7, 10 and 11), Linux X86, Linux ARM in 62 bits are added.
  • User activity logs: detailed monitoring (and the possibility of filtering) of the activities of each user on the platform.
  • Settings for deletion of expired scenes: possibility to configure the automatic deletion of expired scenes in your playlist.
  • Resource optimization in video conversion: you can upload any video format to use on your screens without the need for prior conversion.
  • Brightness and shutdown by group of screens: allows you to make different brightness and shutdown settings and activate them for groups of screens.
  • Hardware certification: Hardware certification wizard (on Raspberry Pi) for optimal control and operation of players.
  • Player monitoring: sending additional information such as voltage, temperature, hardware status, storage status and connectivity.
  • Resolutions: automatic resolution calculation without the need for verification.
  • New video editing features: Crop, select an area of ​​the video, Rotate, Adjust start/end, change speed, mirror horizontally.
  • Resolution dialog automation: if it matches the recognized one, it is not necessary to confirm.
  • Slideshows: Allows you to drag images to a list and create Slideshows.
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