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Strength in numbers: mergers that boost DOOH

What does Vistar Media’s acquisition of S+A tell us?

A few months ago, the acquisition of S+A (Sage+Archer), an automated digital outdoor media buying platform, by Vistar Media was announced. According to Diederick Ubels, co-founder of S+A, they have found in Vistar the perfect partner that meets all their expectations after years of ups and downs and searching.

But what does this merger really mean for the industry as a whole?

To understand it, it is important to put ourselves in context. Ever since DOOH started to be seen as an interesting medium within the digital ecosystem, buyers have been looking for increasingly varied solutions.

At first, they were looking for more buying options and formats, moving away from traditional weekly or monthly slots to more flexible formats, such as daily and hourly spots. Later, with the incorporation of audience metrics, DSPs were able to develop an impression multiplier-based buying format.

As the industry evolved and more technologies were incorporated, “digital advertisers” began to demand more dynamism and contextuality in the messages being displayed. And finally, with the remarkable advancement of DOOH, they began to request the ability to plan and buy outdoor campaigns on the same digital buying platforms they are accustomed to using (DSP’s).


In this way, DOOH has become an integral part of digital media omnichannel.

Today, with the elimination of cookies, outdoor digital media have gained even more relevance and have become even more interesting within the media mix.

So, going back to the initial question, what does the merger of S+A to the Vistar portfolio mean for the industry?

Simply put, the addition of S+A to Vistar gives buyers the ability to generate dynamic content, use triggers or simply plan an entire DOOH campaign in the same omnichannel environment they already use to make their online ad space buys. This is paramount for planners and buyers who are accustomed to using these buying platforms.

Bringing more digital outdoor display options to planners is undoubtedly one of the most important keys to the success of these technologies. It is not enough to have a large inventory or great coverage (although these are also important), but it must also allow the creation of quality and highly effective campaigns, based on the contextuality of the message. This is what will drive the outdoor media industry to even higher levels of engagement.

About S+A

Sage+Archer is an automated digital outdoor media buying platform that gives buyers control over how they interact with consumers in real-time, using mobile data and dynamic creative to deliver effective and efficient advertising.

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